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Beyond the Bud: Why You're Really Paying so Much For Wedding Florals.

Planning a wedding is expensive, and it seems that costs add up quickly when deciding between a floral wall and open bar. We as floral designers can certainly understand the initial sticker shock associated with receiving your first floral quote. For something that mother nature so generously provides for us, wedding flowers can seem quite costly, and at first glance, it can be difficult to understand why. Frankly, there is a lot more to floral design than meets the eye.

Consider each stem in your bouquet was once a newborn child, in need of tender loving care and a watchful eye. Florals begin their life cycle as very delicate blooms which must be cared for over an extensive period of time. They are susceptible to seasonal changes, climates, and predators in which farmers are careful to protect them from. The care required to grow and produce some of our most treasured blooms can be both extremely rewarding and terribly exhausting. This is the reason that quality florals can be expensive in the first place. This price, paid by the farmer is often passed onto the consumer (in this case, the florist).

As your florist, we place extreme importance on ensuring quality blooms in each and every one of your arrangements. Therefore, we often fall victim to the cost faced by the farmer-- but this always reaps such a wonderful reward. Without quality florals, your designs can look sparse and unfinished, and it is our job to ensure that does not happen.

Florists function as the intermediary between floral supplier and client, carefully guiding you in the right direction in order to bring your floral aspirations to life. At times it may seem that your florist is speaking a different language, and we usually are when speaking in regards to the name and origin of flowers. You may be unaware of the name of your favorite florals, and that's ok! We are here to help. This is a skill learned through complete immersion in the industry and is translated from florist to client in order to help clarify the vision.

When hiring a floral designer, we understand that your consultation time is some of the most valued time involved in your wedding planning. We are responsible for a majority of the venue's visual element and without careful planning, decor spaces risk looking empty or under-outfitted. Your florist is here to help guide you through designing the space of your dreams, and ensuring that each bouquet, centerpiece, and floral detail add to the overall look of your space. Furthermore, we love nothing more than helping you through each aspect of your design. Time spent with an industry professional should never be undervalued, as it has the potential elevate your occasion!

Following your consultation, significant time is spent customizing a proposal that both fulfills your wish list and floral budget. Florists spend a great deal of time drawing up the perfect "recipe" for your wedding design. We craft each proposal carefully because your big day is just as important to us, as it is to you!

Floral orders are placed a month in advance to secure pricing, quality, and availability for our client. Once the florals arrive (about a week prior to your event) they are processed and placed in water. Boxes are broken down and containers and vessels are prepared for the coming event. This process often takes 2-3 full work days to complete! Once the florals are ready, our team begins the fun part- designing your pieces!

On the day of the wedding, our first stop is always to deliver the bridal bouquet. There's nothing quite like sharing in the excitement of our brides special day, or the look on her face when she sees what we have created. Delivery trucks then head to the ceremony site to begin the first stage of set-up. The team then heads to the reception in order to ensure that everything is in place for the celebration. Florists are often times re-purposing items from the ceremony site to the reception which requires a team member to stay extended time in order to execute the transfer of floral pieces. Once the reception has ended the team is responsible for collecting all rented vessels and breaking down the venue. Florists often work their 40+ hours a week during the "on season" within a few days.

From seed to centerpiece, there is extreme work and dedication behind each and every component of your floral design. We are humbled every day to participate in such an amazing industry and hope for others to recognize the true talent and artistry behind each floral company. We hope that this inside look into the full process of floral design will help the consumer to understand the value of what they are purchasing by hiring a trusted floral professional.

Wedding Planner: Em Devaud Events

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